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Water Damage

Water Damage

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Home Damage Adjusters for clients looking for water damage resolution services. The company works with an extensive network of home service providers, allowing it to link residential and commercial clients with the best water damage restoration specialists in their local neighborhoods. These professionals’ services span inspecting and assessing property damage, filtering affected areas to restore air quality and healthy moisture levels, and extracting water from porous surfaces to avert mold contamination. They also repair water-damaged portions of structures and remove mold infestation if present.  Home Damage Adjusters, which works with licensed, trained, and certified water damage repair firms, has made it possible to generate a risk-free quote conveniently.


Home Damage Adjusters, Inc. serves residential and commercial clients in West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. It assists property owners in filing compensation claims for water damage due to plumbing issues such as leaky pipes and sinks and sewage backups. In addition, it documents other monetary losses, conducts a content inventory, and estimates property damage.



We help you get the money you’re entitled to Get a FREE Inspection

Water claims can be a very complicated claim to file. There are a multitude of claim exclusions that can result in a complete claim denial from your insurance company. If a claim is presented improperly to the insurance company by the homeowner the risk of denial is much higher than with our public adjuster services.

Do you have skill or know-how to expertly file your insurance claim and then restore your property back to the pre-damage condition after a possible catastrophic event? Did you know that within just a few minutes that water will be absorbed by drywall and baseboards and drown up your walls? The main sources for mold damage starts with water being wicked up your walls, often unseen. This mold grows and can make you sick.

After a water event, homeowners and commercial property owners usually face huge repair bills and many obstacles that can then lead to a greater monetary loss. As a homeowner, don’t battle your insurance company alone. Let Home Damage Adjusters assist you in recovering the most money available and the most money you deserve for your pain and suffering from a stressful process.

Home Damage Adjusters is a licensed Public Insurance Adjuster. Let us handle the preparation of home and property damage estimates, perform a contents inventory as well as documenting your other monetary losses. Home Damage Adjusters will handle all aspects of the tedious task of organizing, filing and settling your claim.

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